SHIPS PHYSIO provides a range of neurological physiotherapy services throughout the South West.

welcomeWe help people regain balance and walking after:
• Stroke
• Head Injury
• Parkinson’s
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Your Questions Answered

My Mum Has Had a Stroke…
The doctors said that her recovery would continue for six months. It’s well past that now, is there still hope?

It’s true to say that a lot of the spontaneous recovery comes in the early months. Many people have a great deal of difficulty really taking part in their programme during that time. First it’s the whole shock of it.

Most are in hospital in the early days and for some that adds to the difficulty. Back at home in more familiar surroundings, with help from family and friends, many people with stroke are more able to put the most into their programme. In some areas in Britain it’s also the point where the amount of professional help starts to diminish. Useful link:

My Daughter Has Had a Head Injury…
We have been told that she’ll never walk again, but we just can’t accept it. What can be done?

Major head injuries can take a long time to recover from. Rehabilitation can go on for years, and few places in UK can provide the resources to continue helping and go on to achieve full potential.Of course as a physiotherapist I would say that physiotherapy should continue as long as it’s needed.

But head injuries are complex, and I aim to involve the right individuals to make sure that every opportunity for improvement is taken. Occupational therapists, Neuro-Pyschologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Neurologists or Neuro-Surgeons all can play an equal part, as well as organisations such as Headway. Useful link:

My Dad Has Been Told He Has Parkinson’s Disease…
They said that medication will help. Is there anything else that will help him keep his ability to walk?

Parkinson’s disease sufferers can be helped in a variety of ways, but specialist posture and balance training can reduce the work of muscles in the arms and hands, reducing tremor, trouble with dexterity and improving walking ability. Useful link:

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