A few notes from Andy, Principal at Ships Physio:

S.H.I.P.S. PHYSIO is short for

Head Injury
Spinal Cord Injury

These are just the most common, but more unusual conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathies and some Spinal Injuries are all very treatable. Please just ring and ask.

The two staff physiotherapists and our physiotherapy assistant have extensive clinical experience inside the NHS, the charitable sector, overseas and in first and third world settings. We hope that this means to you, that you will be seen by a physiotherapist with experience that relates to your very own set of difficulties.

I’d like to pay tribute to all my former colleagues, for their patience, teaching, enthusiasm and creativity. Not forgetting my other colleagues in the past who have supported and enthused me. I’d also like to pay tribute to all my patients too, all of whom have taught me a great deal also.

Physiotherapy being performed on a woman's leg

This just gives a snapshot of the last few years. Before that I have worked in the field of Acquired Brain Injury since 1987, in a variety of settings from high tech neuro-surgical intensive care, stroke units, out patients, community settings and tented refugee camps.

I have always maintained an interest in sports medicine, and have worked for local athletics clubs, rugby clubs, football and cycling clubs, usually as a volunteer. These days I still work with cyclists and runners to correct sports injuries.

Many of the techniques are similar, though applied a little differently, when working with people experiencing neurological problems.

All our physiotherapists are Chartered Physiotherapists, and registered with the Health Professionals Council. We are also members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy who provide us with guidance and insurance . We are also members of the regions’ specialist training group for teaching Physiotherapists who work in the field of Neurology. This assures you that our staff our fully trained in line with NHS standards.


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