Dedicated Physiotherapy Services

We think that private physiotherapy has a reputation of being beyond the budget of most people. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are advantages to being able to have the kind of support that ( we hope ) you enjoyed in hospital, the government  ( often called NICE )recommendations being 5 sessions of at least 45 minutes per week.

But we aim to help people in ways that suit THEM. So that could be just one formal session in a week, supported by personalised home videos to watch and join in. We can simply set those up to play on a television in your own home.

We also help people get access to Personal Health Budgets, grants from charities or benevolent associations. We have worked with the NHS, Unions and Sporting governing bodies to help people get the treatment they need.

As well as regular appointments in the home, we also recommend that treatment and rehabilitation takes place in a variety of places. So we work in a wide variety of settings, from sports centres and swimming pools, bowling greens to golf courses and from  driving ranges to climbing walls.

Let’s face it exercise on it’s own can be a little on the dry side. Maybe even dull. But in context, it can be a lot more enjoyable, relevant and invigorating, as well as good for your health. It has to really mean something to the you, and relate to your chosen way of life. We think that means more than can be offered in a home setting, although most of the very targeted work can be done there.

Working with you every step of the way

Uniquely at SHIPS PHYSIO we can spend a whole day working through a variety of activities, such as getting up, eating, dressing, problem solving, as well as traditional goals such as walking and stair climbing.

Let’s call  it Long Rehabilitation. It’s a method of working that helps patient and therapist to remove obstacles to progress. Spending much longer periods on this is great and really help us to find the blocks.

You might have heard  phrases like “he’s reached a plateau” or “she’s not getting carry-over.” Well, we aim to find if that’s the case,  then why.

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