Nearly 30 years ago I started using a cumbersome gadget called a trophic stimulator to help regain activity in muscles affected by stroke or head injury. Connecting huge rubber electrodes with ky jelly and micropore, it didn’t work reliably at all.
Scroll forward to 2018 and what you are looking at in the video is all singing and all dancing.This is the L300 Go. It senses when you’re about to move and starts to activate those all important shin or hamstring ( or both ) muscles to dramatically improve walking and balance.
In this short film you can see Ash, a physiotherapist colleague, testing the device. Watching and working on it were 4 very experienced Neuro-physiotherapists ( someone please come up with a shortened title for us… such a mouthful ! ) and we were all agreed that this is the future.
The L300Go can be put on one handed. It can only be put on in the right spot. The built in computer can tell exactly where vertical is, with a tiny built in gyroscope even.
Other sensors measure acceleration and the muscle response and adjust accordingly.
As soon as I have someone ready to try this, I will try to put up before and after video as this one doesn’t really show how a survivor will benefit, but you can see that too on Ottobock’s own site.
Here is the link, but do come back and visit here again.
Ottobock’s L300Go

Outstanding Tech for Stroke Survivors

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